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    Leadership Responsibility Hardworking Partnership
    To be a Trusted Industry Partner with Global Vision
    Integrate Industry to Connect. Create Value to Share.
    Xiamen ITG Group Corp., Ltd. Stock Code:
    Xiamen ITG600755.SH
    Xiamen ITG Group Co.,Ltd.

    Xiamen ITG Group Corp., Ltd. ,known as "ITG" for short, the company is headquartered in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, and is a key member of ITG Holding Group Co., Ltd. (a Fortune Global Top 500 enterprise). Founded in 1980, ITG was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996 (Stock Name: Xiamen ITG, Stock Code: SH.600755).

    In the 14th Five-Year business plan (2021-25), ITG will focus on its main sector of Supply Chain Management, and expand the emerging Health Technology sector. Vested with the mission of "Integrate industry to connect. Create value to share." and the core value of "Leadership, responsibility, hardworking, and partnership", ITG is to be a trusted industry partner with global vision. Proactively adhering to the strategic national blueprint including the BRI, "Dual Circulation", and the goals of reaching peak carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, ITG is dedicated to forging a stable, efficient, and eco-driven industry chain.

    Supply Chain Management
    By connecting the upstream and downstream in an effective way, ITG supply chain is dedicated to providing clients with integrated solutions combining sourcing and procurement, channel expansion, logistics, pricing management, financial service, brand operation, industrial investment, and IT orientation, thereby fulfilling its goal of “Continuing to create new value”.
    Supply Chain Management
    Financial Service
    Through joint-stock and holding company, ITG devotes itself to expanding the financial layout to provide integrated financial services for entity enterprises. In addition to security, trust, banking, and other financial institutions, ITG also participates wholly-owned subsidiaries on futures, asset management, risk management, financial leasing, and guarantee to engage in futures and derivatives, inclusive finance, real industry finance, investment, etc.
    Financial Service
    Health Technology
    ITG proposed “3+X” strategic planning, and set up the strategic development division to supplement the original three main businesses. “3+X” strategic planning refers to supply chain, real estate and financial service, plus strategic M&A and investment. In the meantime, it proactively explores emerging industries, including high-end manufacturing and service, mega health industry, cultural and tourism industry.
    Health Technology
    With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as the guide, ITG has continuously promoted the performance in environment, society and corporate governance. The companys ESG practice has been selected into the "ESG Practice Cases of Listed Companies" of China Association of Listed Companies.